Aamir Liaquat Is Getting Married For The Fourth Time? The New Video Is Shocking

aamir liaquat
aamir liaquat

Recently, a video related to the fourth marriage of National Assembly member aamir liaquat hussain, who has been a part of the news headlines, has come to light, After three consecutive failed marriages in a row, a video of aamir liaquat hussain’s fourth marriage is circulating on social media in which he can be seen with a woman.

The dialogues of this new tick talk video that went viral are such that aamir liaquat hussain is telling the woman that he has never met a woman like him, However, after the release of this video, social media users are claiming that ‘aamir liaquat hussain is going to marry this woman for the fourth time.

On the other hand, there has been no reaction from Aamir Liaqat on the video so far and the video is not even available on his Tik Tak account, It should be noted that aamir liaquat hussain’s third wife Dania Malik is facing serious allegations from him while his wife had also leaked a nasty video of aamir liaquat hussain after which he was criticized on social media.

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