Beautiful Eid Pics With Hadiqa Kiani’s Son Go Viral

hadiqa kiani
hadiqa kiani

Hadiqa Kiani Is_a_Pakistani_Singer, Songwriter, Guitarists, Composer, Actress & Philanthropist, Hadiqa has received numerous local & international awards & also has performed at the Royal Albert Hal & The Kennedy Center.

Beautiful Pictures of the second day of Eid with Nad Ali, son of famous Pakistani actress & singer Hadiqa Kiani have gone viral on social media.

The singer has posted some photos with her son on the picture & video sharing app Instagram which are of the second day of Eid.

The actress shared the picture & wrote in the caption that she is celebrating Eid with her son & family.

It is to be noted that Hadiqa Kiani was working with Edhi Foundation on the occasion of the catastrophic earthquake of 2005 when she came across a child whose family was unknown, the singer immediately adopted her. He took the name which he named Nad Ali.

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