Famous Actress Amber Heard Suffered Another Setback

Amber Heard, who lost her defamation case against her ex-husband & Hollywood world-famous hero Johnny Depp, has suffered another blow.

According to India Today, in the petition filed by the actress in the court, the position was adopted that during the hearing of the case, a member of the jury who was not a part of the case was also included, therefore the verdict of the jury. A trial should be started again by declaring it invalid.

Judge Penny Ezkaret of the American state of Virginia has rejected the request of the actress Amberhard, calling this position wrong.

Umberherd’s lawyers asked the Virginia court to set aside the jury’s decision to award Johnny Depp $100 million & order a new trial.

The judge said there was no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing, the former jury had met all legal requirements, so its verdict could not be overturned or reheard.

Remember that Johnny Depp & Amber Heard filed defamation lawsuits against each other in a Virginia court, which was decided against Amber Heard and the court ordered the actress to pay her husband one and a half million dollars as damages. Pay the amount of

Johnny Depp, on the other hand, was ordered to pay only $2 million to his ex-wife.

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