Ghabrana Nahi Hai Movie & The Wait Is Almost Over

After a long wait, the trailer of the romantic comedy action movie based on the famous phrase (Ghabrana Nahi Hai) has been released.

The short teaser of (Ghabrana Nahi Hai) was released in December 2021, when the shooting started in 2020. The released trailer of the film has shown all the main characters and The story is hard to understand

The trailer hints that Saba Qamar character will be the most prominent and unique. On the one hand, she is seen as Syed Jibran love and on the other hand, she is also seen having a romance with Zahid Ahmed. Also portrayed as Nayyar Ejaz future wife, which indicates that Saba Qamar role in the film will be the most different.

Looking at the trailer, it seems that Saba Qamar will be shown in Triangle Love, ie she will probably be seen romancing with Syed Jibran and Zahid Ahmed. Fights and compulsions are also shown.

In the film, senior actor Sohail Ahmed has played the role of Saba Qamar father who is a government official but after retirement he has only two dreams, one is to have his own house and the other is to marry his only young daughter – Get it

It is learned from the trailer that the item song will be included in the movie and the audience will get to see a good fight in it.

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