Indian Girl’s Marriage To Herself, Share Your Feelings With The World

There have been some reports of women marrying themselves from western countries & now a girl in India has started the tradition of marrying herself. According to India Today, the 24-year-old girl’s name is Kashma Bandu, a resident of Vedudra, Gujarat.

Kashma Bandhu had announced to marry herself a few days ago and the day before yesterday, she put her announcement into practice & tied the knot with herself. Kashma said she held her wedding at home as people were likely to acknowledge her marriage, so she did not go to the temple.

Kashma said eight of her close friends attended the ceremony. He dressed himself in a vermilion and filled the sandalwood in his own demand. She said that when she filled her demand with sandalwood, she became very emotional. The Pandit was not even invited to the wedding but the recorded mantra was played on the speaker.

Kashma said that instead of making 7 turns in her marriage, she made 7 promises to herself, which I will stick to for the rest of my life. “Because of the gender discrimination I’ve been seeing since I was a child, I decided not to marry a man,” she said. I have seen since childhood that when guests come into the house, the women are busy cooking in the kitchen while the men are sitting in the hall gossiping and enjoying the party.

That’s why I wanted to live alone from the beginning,” Kashma said. I was never interested in marriage but I love being a bride. So I decided to marry myself. Now I will take myself to Goa on my honeymoon.

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