Why Did You Do That To Your Parents? Mathira’s Question From Dua Zahra

dua zahra
dua zahra

Mathira, actress & host of Pakistan Showbiz Industry, reacted to Dua Zahra recovery from Lahore.

Mathira shared the news of Dua Zahra meeting on Instagram and gave an important message to the teenage girls.

Mathira expressing regret in his post
Dua Zahra has to be asked, “Why did you do this to your parents?”

In her story, Mathira addressed the young girls and wrote, “My sisters! When a boy or a man truly loves you, he does not ask you to run away from home, he never wants you to cause such trouble to your family.

It should be noted that the video of Dua Zahra who went missing from Karachi has come to light.

In the video, Dua Zahra said, “I am very happy with my husband in my house. Please don’t bother me.”

Dua Zahra says that I have married Zaheer Ahmed of my own free will.

In her video message, Dua Zahra also said that my family members used to beat me, they wanted to force me to marry someone else which I did not agree to.

On the other hand, Dua Zahra’s mother says that her daughter looks scared in the video, maybe she has been blackmailed by making videos of her daughter.

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