Minal Khan & Husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram Travelled To Doha

minal khan
minal khan

Minal Khan and husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram travelled to Doha. I captured a video of her tour of the city with my phone.

Minal Khan’s best leisure time activity is traveling. From her recent visit to Doha to her honeymoon, she shares the most beautiful moments with her followers. Social media has become the best way to stay connected with your fans and keep them informed of the latest happenings.

We love Minal Khan’s photos in our Facebook newsfeed and find that they’re entertaining as well. This recent picture let us see the lovely trip to Doha by Minal Khan, Aiman Khan, Muneeb Butt & her brother. We can’t help but love her simplicity and because of that, we’re sharing this video of Minal Khan’s moments during her time there with her family.

She looked gorgeous and regal in a green tee and denim. Her no-makeup look is our favorite one and in Doha she seemed to have crazy days.

Food, travel, adventure, and exploration keep Minal Khan’s videos interesting. Minal Khan is a Pakistani actress with a large following on Instagram. She lives in India now but still talks about Pakistan.

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