Why Was A Ban On Sana Javed Demanded? The Reason Has Come To Light

Model girl Manal Saleem has claimed that during the shoot, a famous actress called her a (two penny model) after which she has decided that she will not do a photo shoot with any celebrity.

In a message on Instagram, Manal Saleem said that she would ask all clients to never ask them to shoot with any actress or celebrity from today onwards as these so-called actresses consider us as (two penny models).

Manal Saleem said that we also come to work, we do not come to be humiliated for free. Although model girl Manal did not name any actress in her post, many social media users blamed Sana Javed for this incident. Leading make-up artist Ikram Gohar also said that he knows that Sana Javed has adopted such an attitude.

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