Fans Are Surprised To See Sanam Baloch After A Long Time

After the photos and videos of model, actress and TV host Sanam Baloch came out a long time ago, fans were shocked to see her and some people did not even recognize her.

Sanam Baloch has been away from the TV screen for some time now and she has not shared her new photos on social media for a long time.

However, recently make-up artist Natasha Lakhani shared new photos and videos of the actress and praised her and the photos of the actress went viral as soon as she saw them.

In the video of the actress shared by the make-up artist, she can be seen in a black dress while Natasha Lakhani also shared pictures of Sanam Baloch in a black dress, which stunned the fans.

While fans admired the beauty of the actress after seeing the pictures, some people were also amazed at her increased weight.

Some people commented on her photos, saying that at first they thought she looked like Sanam Baloch, but she was a little overweight.

According to fans, Sanam Baloch could not be reached due to her weight gain, however, most people still admired her beauty, acting and dress.

Sanam Baloch seems to be away from media and social media after her marriage failed, She married actor and host Abdullah Farhat in 2013 and the two parted ways in 2018.

Abdullah Farhat did not speak on the issue while Sanam Baloch spoke vaguely about separation, but he has not yet spoken openly about it.

The actress first shared a photo with her young daughter in August 2020, on which fans and showbiz personalities congratulated her.

Speaking in ‘Speak Your Heart With Samina Peerzada’ in October 2018, Sanam Baloch had said that she started her career as a host with Sindhi Media.

He had said that while working in Sindhi media, Fahad Mustafa had called him and said that his friend was looking for a girl to play the role of an innocent girl in ‘Klank’ drama and he wanted to act in it.

Sanam Baloch had said that she was advised by her elder sister to make this role compulsory, after which she started her career in Urdu media including acting.

In her talk, Sanam Baloch also mentioned that she is able to speak 6 languages, as well as the events of her childhood and student days.

Speaking about her family in the program, Sanam Baloch had said that her parents also separated when she was just 3 years old.

She also revealed that she met her father 12 years after her parents separated, praising her mother for her bravery and admitting that her mother’s second husband treated her like a father, Gave love.

Sanam Baloch had said that they have 6 siblings in total and they are at number five.

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