When & With Whom Is Sonya Hussyn Getting Married? The Actress Told

Versatile actress and model of Pakistan showbiz industry Sonya Hussyn has finally told her fans how she is looking for a boy for marriage.

According to media reports, while discussing the topic of marriage during an interview in a private TV program, Sonya Hussyn was asked about her marri age and her future husband.

Sonya Hussyn said that the sooner she finds a good man, the sooner she will get married

On this occasion, the host asked Sonya Hussyn to explain the qualities in a good person, to which the actress said that it is difficult for her to describe a good person.

Sonya Hussyn said that a good person is the one who knows how to talk because it is very important to have a sense of humor. If so, it doesn’t make sense

The actress further said that it is not important for her to have a good body for her life partner, it is good to be fit but she does not like boys who are obsessed with their caste.

It should be noted that a few months ago, during a live session on Instagram, the actress had mentioned about the wedding that she will get married in January 2023.

One user asked Sonya Hussyn if the person you will marry in 2023 is also an actor.

In response to this question, the actress said that God forbid.

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