The Trailer For The Fourth Part Of The Science Fiction Movie Thor Has Been Released

Thor Movie
Thor Movie

According to foreign media reports, Marvel Studios, an expert in Hollywood science fiction movies, has released the first trailer of the fourth movie of their popular movie ‘Thor’ after almost five years & has announced to release it in July this year.

The popular science fiction film ‘Thor’ has released three films so far while the third film in the series ‘Thor Ragnorok’ was released in November 2017.

Five years after the third season, the first trailer of the fourth part of the movie has come out. Will appear in the form

It is to be noted that the fourth film also includes the cast of the third film of the series while its direction has also been given by Taika Waititi who is also a part of the cast of the film while the film also includes Tessa Thompson and Christian Bell.

Interestingly, the fourth film also features the imaginary world ‘Asgard’, which was destroyed in the third film, but in the new film it is made more attractive.

It should be noted that the fourth part of the film has been named ‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ & it will be released on July 8 this year.

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