TikToker Dolly Got Humaira Asghar In Big Trouble

Noshin Syed, a well-known tik toker known as Dolly, was accused of making a video by setting fire to the bushes of Margalla in recent days.

The video spread like wildfire on social media and netizens turned their guns on them without research. People started demanding action against him.

Some social media users have blamed model & actress Humaira Asghar, who resembles Dolly, for the incident, after which Humaira Asghar has now approached the FIA.

Humaira shared a screenshot of a social media post on her Instagram account. In which Humaira Asghar was accused of setting fire to the forest for the sake of a tic-tac-toe video.

Several domestic and foreign newspapers and TV channels, including Al Jazeera TV, were involved in this mistake.

All these media outlets used the name Humaira Asghar instead of Noshin Syed alias Dolly who is very similar to Dolly in form and appearance.

Humaira said in an interview: “I will not leave the people who have tried to tarnish my name with the video of the forest fire. My PR agency & I have contacted the FIA ​​& filed a complaint against all the broadcasters and social media users who attributed my name to this video. I have nothing to do with this video or the girl in this video. Yet I am being slandered.

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