Which Indian Star Did Amrita Singh Like Before Saif Ali Khan?

Famous Bollywood actress Amrita Singh told the truth before her marriage to Bollywood actor Saif Ali.

Famous Actress Amrita Singh was married to Saif Ali Khan in 1991 after seven rounds.

The actress’ family objected to their marriage but later accepted the relationship.

However, before Saif Ali, Amrita Singh’s heart was beating for another Bollywood star.

But before Saif Ali Khan, Amrita was in love with another Bollywood star, Sunny Deol started his career with the film Impatient. This was his debut film in which he was accompanied by Amrita Singh.

The movie was a huge hit and so was the duo, According to sources, it is said that Amrita and Sunni fell in love with each other during the shooting of this film, In fact, Sunni Deol was married at that time and he hid it from everyone, Sunni’s marriage was an orange marriage and after the marriage his wife Pooja Deol was living abroad.

So that the news of Sunni’s marriage would not be known before the debut, Sunni would reach his wife as soon as he got the shooting break, When actress Amrita found out about this, she did not want to break into Sunni’s house, so she separated from this relationship, Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh got married in 1991 with seven turns, in which the marriage was not consensual, but after the marriage the family had to accept the relationship.

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