Why Did Police Come To Hania Aamir’s House? The Actress Explained The Reason

hania aamir
hania aamir

Hania Aamir is a Pakistani Film, Television 📺 Actress, Model & Singer, while studying at the foundation for advancement of science & technology.

Famous Actress Hania Aamir in a recent interview has given a reason for the police to come outside her house once

Hania Aamir participated in a private TV program on the occasion of Eid and during the interview said that once it happened that some fans gathered outside my residence and by chance I was not at home.

Hania Aamir said that after a while the police reached outside my house and the officers asked her mother to tell them if these people do not know you then we will take them with us on which Haniya Amir’s Mother supported the fans, & he said they are like our children, so you guys go, that’s how the fans left.

Hania said that my fans were outside the residence for about four hours after which the police came.

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