American Slaves Do not Dare To Take Oil From Russia, Says Imran Khan

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that American slaves do not have the courage to take oil from Russia, these people are preparing to win the election by rigging. He said that the current rulers have come under an agenda, He will come to believe that Pakistan cannot move forward without him.

Addressing a ceremony, he said that the people are afraid that there might be famine in the country.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan is facing major problem of food security. Unless the government pays attention to agriculture, the country will not move forward. Prosperity in this country will come through agriculture. Special attention needs to be paid to the condition of farmers. The country cannot be prosperous.

The former prime minister said that he did not have high hopes from the imported government.

This government started making everything expensive as soon as it came. In our time, due to subsidy, there was a record increase in agricultural production.

He further said that today journalists are being threatened by telephoning, cases are being made against the opponents by the police.

These are the people whose billions of rupees are lying outside, these people are slaves of money.

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