Behind-The-Scenes Work Has Started On The Announcement Of New Elections, Sheikh Rashid

Pakistan Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that behind-the-scenes work has started on the announcement of new elections, In a tweet released on the social networking site Twitter, former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed wrote that delays in political decisions could plunge the country into a quagmire, turning the National Security Council into a political arena is a conspiracy to push the military into politics, In a tweet, Sheikh Rashid writes that the country has not come out of the shock of mistrust, giving more will make the crisis more serious.

He said that the no-confidence motion has given birth to a one-vote unity government, which is a blow to two nephews while Imran Khan also united the nation & prepared it for all kinds of situations, Sheikh Rashid said that today both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister were in the court of law in the corruption case. There is no government in Punjab.

In an ongoing tweet, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed wrote that domestic and foreign powers are unaware of the ground realities, He added that behind-the-scenes work has begun on the formation of a caretaker government and the announcement of new elections.

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