Dua Zahra’s Medical Report Presented In Court

Dua Zehra’s medical report was presented in the court. According to the report, the girl is 17 years old.

According to details, during the hearing in the Sindh High Court, the Advocate General said that according to the medical report, the girl is about 17 years old.

According to all the documents, the girl is 14 years old.

Justice Junaid Ghaffar said that all this should be shown in the trial court. There was a recovery case that ended.

The Prosecutor General said that the petition should be disposed of and the matter should be sent to the trial court. A challan has also been filed in the trial court.

The court said the girl would be hashed again in a Lahore court. The objectives of our request have been met.

The Advocate General said that the girl and the boy were to be produced in Lahore on June 10. Justice Junaid Ghaffar said that it was okay to go there and present the children.

Justice Amjad Sehto said that development has been done, the girl’s statement has been made, her age has been determined. Now, according to the statement and evidence, the case will go to trial court.

Father Mehdi Kazmi said that I have the passport of the girl and all the documents on which Justice Junaid Ghaffar said that we are not deciding on this point.

The court remarked that the Supreme Court has said that if a girl is an adult, she can marry of her own free will. Your worries are in place but we will decide according to the law. We are also bound by the decisions of the Supreme Court.

During the hearing, the court asked the girl to pray to meet her parents. Dua Zahra burst into tears and told the court that she did not want to meet.

Justice Junaid Ghaffar directed that we have a meeting in the chamber. Decision saved, will be announced today.

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