If China Invades Taiwan, The United States Will Defend Itself With Force

American President Joe Biden says the United States will intervene militarily if China tries to invade Taiwan.

The statement made by the US President during his visit to Tokyo on Monday was the strongest ever in support of Taipei.

On his first trip to Asia since assuming the presidency, Joe Biden said that after Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan’s security responsibilities have increased.

He told a news conference that the United States was determined that China’s use of force against Taiwan would not be appropriate.

He added that such an attack would affect the entire region and would be the same as what happened in Ukraine.

The statement, made in the Japanese capital, is a clear indication of Taiwan’s ambiguous strategic policy, Washington says the United States adheres to a “one-China policy” that means it has only formal diplomatic relations with Beijing, while the United States has informal talks with Taiwan.

Beijing, on the other hand, adheres to the “One China Principle”, which states that China is a unit that includes all disputed territories, including Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently vowed to regain control of Taiwan, It should be noted that Taiwan has existed as an independent state since World War II.

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