If I Had Committed Corruption, I Would Not Have Been Before The Court, Shahbaz Sharif

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif stated in the court that if I had committed corruption, I would not have been before this court, During the hearing of the money laundering case in the Special Central Court Lahore, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif stated that kickbacks, corruption, ARU, NAB, NCA were investigated.

The NCA did two years of research, but found nothing. I was not related to them. I came to Pakistan in 2004. I did not have money for God forbid. When Musharraf returned to Pakistan, I was sent back, The Prime Minister told the court that the NCA had not uncovered a single case of corruption in its two-year investigation in Pune. God willing, if I had committed corruption, I would not have been before this court.

Lawyer Amjad Pervez argued that there was not a single piece of evidence on record against Shahbaz Sharif. Bunkers’ statements were baseless and politically motivated. It was their wish, it was a dream that oh Allah! Make a statement, Advocate Amjad Pervez said that Shahbaz Sharif was nominated on the basis of imagination. They used to make every lost dream a part of this case. He nominated because of his anxiety. The government has used all the resources to support the imagination but no evidence.

The PM’s counsel said that Shahbaz Sharif always forbade me but Shahbaz Sharif did not receive his salary for 10 years as Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif said in a statement that he used petrol on official visits during the last 10 years. The car was official, the petrol was private, which makes crores of rupees.

Lawyer Amjad Pervez said that if the allegations were examined, it would be tantamount to cumin. Despite all the government resources in 4 years, not a single penny of corruption could be found. The person who sent the money to the account was not included in the investigation, The PM’s counsel argued that the challan was pending for 16 months, the only case which was filed with such delay. Under Section 173 of the Criminal Code, the challan of the case has to be submitted within 14 days. The challan was not presented by the FIA ​​itself but by the court. People’s arms were twisted, they were seated for hours.

Advocate Amjad Pervez said that a year later, the same investigating officer had indicted the same persons whom he had earlier called as his witnesses. It is alleged that the money laundered in these accounts was bribery. In this case, there are stories of Alif Laila. There is no evidence against Salman Shahbaz for receiving kickbacks, Lawyer Shahbaz Sharif argued that remittances in 14 accounts through banks had nothing to do with cash. The allegation of taking cash in a police vehicle is baseless, no policeman’s statement is on record.

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