Imran Khan’s Hanging Face Shows That He Is Trapped By Announcing Long March, Maryam Nawaz

PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz said that seeing Imran Khan’s hanging face, it was known that he was trapped by announcing long march.

Speaking at the press conference, the Home Minister was asked not to arrest him, let him march. Long march is not against the government, it is against the Establishment. Imran Khan has named the chair & Farah Gogi Azadi, He said that earlier he used to say that it is a neutral animal, then he said that institutions should be neutral, now he says that institutions should not be neutral, institutions should not be afraid of abuse, give decisions in favor of the nation, conspiracy to make the country Sri Lanka will not succeed.

Maryam Nawaz appealed to the institutions to save the country from being taken hostage by anyone. Cancer patient Yasmeen Rashid will not be arrested, He said that the PTI worker fired a direct shot at the police constable which did not leave any room for doubt in the purpose of the long march.

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