Jumna River Also Dried Up, Severe Water Shortage In Delhi

According to Indian media, a severe water shortage has arisen in the capital Delhi, which is said to be facing water shortage in the Jumna River.

According to Indian officials, the water supply situation in the national capital has deteriorated further as the level of Wazirabad Lake has now dropped to 668.3 feet, the lowest level this year, compared to the normal 674.5 feet. Is.

Officials say that as the Jumna River is almost dry, we are diverting water from Carrier Land Canal and Delhi Sub Branch towards Wazirabad. As a result, water production and dwarf water treatment plants in Haiderpur Phase I and Phase II have been damaged.

The Delhi Anhar department said in a statement that water would be available at low pressure in North Delhi, North West Delhi, West Delhi and parts of South Delhi till the situation improves.

It should be noted that 610 million gallons of water is supplied daily to Haryana and Delhi from Jumna river, Water is also obtained from wells and tube wells in the capital Delhi.

The Indian Anhar Department has said that the supply of water from Wazirabad, Chandrawal & Okhla WTPs, which draw raw water from Wazirabad ponds, has been reduced by up to 30%.

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