Police & PTI Workers Clash, Yasmeen Rashid Injured

Clashes continue between police & P akistan Tehreek E Insaf (PTI) workers near Bhati Chowk in Lahore, leaving party leader Yasmeen Rashid injured.

According to details, PTI workers left for Long in a convoy while the government has blocked the routes and deployed a heavy contingent of police.

In such a situation, clashes between the workers and the police are continuing as a result of removing the obstacles of the convoys moving towards the destination while Zubair Niazi was also arrested.

The government has given free hand to the police to deal with the workers, as a result of which the convoys are being dispersed with the help of batons and shells.

Meanwhile, roundup of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf (PTI) workers was also started during which Yasmeen Rashid came under police torture.

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