Russia Ukraine War, Is The World On The Brink Of Food Crisis?

Economists say the current situation is a clear indication of a major economic storm and the grip of nations. He says economies around the world have not yet recovered from the devastation caused by the Cold War, & that the Ukraine war has begun to squeeze already devastated economies.

The Ukraine war has caused record inflation around the world, & especially on continental Europe. In this context, energy and food prices have reached their highest levels in ten years.

The negative effects of the Ukrainian war on the economies of the United Nations are deepening. Following the sharp rise in inflation, prices in the food and oil markets, as well as in the automotive & construction sectors, are now rising sharply. Overall, there will be more than 7% inflation.

Fishermen & farmers in various European countries have increased their production in the face of rising inflation. On the other hand, due to the sharp rise in petrol prices, the movement of freight trains and freight trucks has also declined.

Rising food prices have also made various types of bread more expensive for everyday use, & bread is being sold at higher prices, especially in grocery stores from Poland to Belgium.

In Poland, on the other hand, food prices have risen by 150 percent. Some European governments have signaled a reduction in taxes as well as aid to the general public. Now they are content to buy only the essentials.

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