When Will The Next 48 Hours Be Crucial? The Possibility Of A Decision

The next 48 hours are crucial for the country’s politics. Asif Zardari has started meetings with important personalities.

According to details, PPP President Asif Ali Zardari called on Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif after meeting the important person.

Sources said that talks between the coalition parties would be held in the next 48 hours and then a final decision would be taken between the leadership whether to hold early elections or continue till economic issues are resolved. Go to the polls or the government will fulfill its constitutional term.

Sources said that there are two factions in PML-N, one group wants immediate elections, ie PML-N leaders Mian Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz want the previous government not to be burdened and immediate elections to be held. While Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif wants the elections to be held on time so that economic problems can be resolved.

Sources said that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif will take a decision in the next 48 hours and inform Asif Ali Zardari. After 48 hours, the government will inform Asif Ali Zardari after consulting its allies.

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